Special Guest!

DSI Comedy has alumni and lifelong friends in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, LA, Minneapolis, Austin, and every city in between. And we're stoked to be able to welcome them back for amazing guest performances!

Check out the full schedule below:

6/25 - INDY 5000 welcomes False Profits (Chapel Hill, NC)
7/11-12 - Junior Varsity (New York, NY)
8/8-9 - North Coast

Past Guest Appearances:
Pop Roulette (New York, NY)
Airwolf (New York, NY)
Risk! (New York, NY)
The Kevin and Joel Show (Philadelphia, PA)
The Josh & Tamra Show (NJ)
Corey Brown (New York, NY)
Micah Sherman (Brooklyn, NY)
Tara Ochs (Atlanta, GA)

Upcoming Shows