Einstein Meets Elvis

Photo of Einstein Meets Elvis
DSI proudly features Einstein Meets Elvis!

Altanta's award-winning JaCKPie touring team brings together an all-star cast to rock your socks off! What do you get when Einstein Meets Elvis? ROCKET FUELED improv!! EmE features Mike Brune, Jen Caldwell, Damian Dunn, Brad Kloth and Chris Nik and has recently hit the festival circuit with a BOOM, performing in just the past six months at the Charleston Comedy Festvial, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Richmond Improv Festival, Black Box Improv Festival, Southeastern Comedy Arts Festival, Spontaneous Combustion, So ILL Improv Festival, Mississippi State University and Ole Miss, all the while performing and coaching in Atlanta every week! This explosion of minds create long-form shows that just can't be missed.

They'll put the party up in yo' business, light your test tube and you'll shake your pelvis, when Einstein Meets Elvis! (website)

IMPORTANT NOTE: EmE not responsible for lost socks.

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