When you think BONECRACKER, think Indiana Jones running from the boulder. Think the banana truck in the song 16 Tons making it around that hairpin mountain curve. Think ninjas versus pirates with time-travel katanas and light-saber hooks. the above examples, BONECRACKER is the boulder, the hairpin curve, and both the ninjas and pirates.

Kick-down-the-door-prov. Bring it on.

"Watching Bone Cracker tonight, their set reminded me of a paradox that exists in improvisational comedy, particularly with long form improv. You had to be there.Their set was incredible. Their stream-of-consciousness took them places nobody could have seen coming. But when it ended, it was done. It now only lives as a collective memory of the group and everyone in the crowd. We could try and describe it to folks that weren’t there but there’s no way we convey it completely." - Brian Garraty (The 2nd Annual Norfolk Comedy Festival)

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BONECRACKER is coached by Andy Lavender.