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DSI proudly presents our Training Center class shows and experimental incubator teams.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of improv, sketch or standup, you should take classes with the DSI Comedy Training Center.

GENERAL ADMISSION $6 for ALL student performances.


TUESDAY 10/28 7PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Zach Ward's Improv 101: Alasdair Wilkins, Josh Carlton, Cameron Lyon, Alex Fanning, Mark Cassada, Elise George, Maggie Holley, Zachary Rushton, Emily Geizer, Stephanie Gehring, Lauren Greenspan, William Garneau, Prateek Katti

WEDNESDAY 11/5 7PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Featured Class:

SATURDAY 11/8 5PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Middle School + High School Improv

WEDNESDAY 11/12 7PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Featured Class:

TUESDAY 11/25 830PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Featured Class:

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