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DATE: Thursday July 21, 7pm
Featuring: IMPROV 201 (Holmes): Lianne Mccray, Katie Kenlan, Lee Coggins, Jennie Rasmussen, Clark Meshaw, Gaby Cila, Jenn Smith, Chris Chapman, Chelsea Armitage, and Marvion Criddle.
IMPROV 401 (Ward): Christie Ku, Emily Kahn, Carlyle Alexander Blomme, Joe Moore, Kim Andrews, Michael King, James Taylor, Joshua Lucas, Chad Ward, Rachel Schill, Brian Tuffy, Henry Copeland, Jonathon Waldes, and Justin Mcneil.

DATE: Thursday July 28, 7pm
Featuring: IMPROV 301 (Aghapour): Sarah Allen, Christelle Siohan, Brent Cornelius, Rick Crawford, Adriana Ventura, Alison Singer, Erin Sheehy, Doug Chambers, Eric Grosskurth, Brian Bendana, Andrew Gleason, and Linda Bowerman.
STANDUP 101 (Sutorius): Andrew Gleason, Willie Green, Xin Hong, Ethan Carey, Marvion Criddle, Bram Kolahdouz, Ahmadou Camara, Caleb Rainey, and Craig Carter.

student showcase
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