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DSI proudly presents our Training Center class shows and experimental incubator teams.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of improv, sketch or standup, you should take classes with the DSI Comedy Training Center.

GENERAL ADMISSION $6 for ALL student performances.


Wednesday 8/20 7PM (Buy Tickets)

Jonathan Yeoman's IMPROV: Brandon Rafalson, Maria Costa, Sean Williams, Michelle Wobker, Lori Weiss, Jason Laughlin, Alex Maria Livingston, Joshua Rowsey, David Farrell, Alan Wilder, Sarah Smith
Christopher Spada, Phil Verghis, David H. Clark

Paula Pazderka's IMPROV: 201Kimberly Anne Hirsh, Monica R. Huang, Karen Hall, Arnold Maynore, Luigi Troiani, Michelle Salinas, Charlotte Laun, Diana Smith

TUESDAY 9/17 7PM (Buy Tickets)

Zach Ward's IMPROV: 101

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Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014
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