Social COMedia

Finally, a reason to keep your cell phone on at a live theater performance - Social Comedia!

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In this era of iPhones, tablets and Kindle Fires, it's time for a tech-savvy improv show to catapult you onto the cutting edge of comedy. Bring your smart devices, and we'll use them to inspire games and scenes performed by improvisers who've been excited about new technology since they lost their first Bluetooth. Featuring shorter games like Blind Text and Buy The Full Game, and a longer piece based on your music collection, this show knows we're living in a 140-character world, and we'll put that many characters on stage.

Social COMedia: We may not be geniuses, but we do know our way around the smart fun.

What the critics are saying (in our general vicinity):
"Droid Incredible!" --Verizon salesman
"Every week, there's a completely new one that's better than the last. I have to have it!" --Apple Store customer
"They put the LTE 4G in 'hystericalte4g!'" --someone trying too hard

NO FEES! Buy tickets online with Eventbrite!

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