Sketch Pad

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An unstoppable comedy think tank!

They say two heads are better than one; in Sketch Pad, we're going well above and beyond that. Every show, different Sketch Teams are selected to showcase their BEST live & video sketches. We've got our best minds on the job, and you reap the rewards.

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Improvisers with funny characters, bits and writers with half-baked scene ideas or full blown sketches that have just not yet made it into a revue - come out for Sketch Pad with the "Sketchy Business" ensemble!

Sign up by 630pm and it's FREE and YOU will be part of the running order. Writers can EVEN bring sketches for actors to run live on stage — just bring enough copies for who you need to cast. #SketchPadDSI is a place to play and fail, laugh and workshop the funny ideas you want to put on stage and online. Come play!

Come for the 7pm and always stay for League Night for free!