Show and Tell

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Storytelling you have to see to believe.

Hear the stories of favorite records, inherited books, beloved dolls, found instruments and so much more. The only show where storytellers let you see and feel the objects that changed their lives.

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Curated and produced by Ashley Melzer and Andrew Aghapour

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THURSDAY 7/23 7PM (Buy Tickets Now!)
Theme: Market Days
Storytellers: Erin Jobe, Sheri Castle, Kelly Clarke, Rob Bowers, Katy Clune

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Past Storytellers:
Raymond Christian, Couriers of the Sky
Craig Carter, Nickelodeon Prize
Laura Ann Morrison, Fig
PT Scarborough, Middle School Award
Jay Reeves, Favorite Records
Zach Ward, T-shirt pieces signed by Spin Doctors
Andrew Aghapour, Carolina Hat
Bryce Bowden, Pipe-Cleaner Action Figures
Cortland Cloos, Corgi Junior Super Man Daily Planet News Paper Truck
Helen Orr, "The Reacher"
Jason Adam, History of Kryptonite
Maria Ratliff, Coconut Water
Paul Kilpatrick, Captain Fun Helmet
Bianca Casusol, Gnome Costume
Brendan Greaves, "The Sour Toe Cocktail Club" Card
Brian Johnson, Crystal Ball
Jack Reitz, Alaska Pin
Jay Reeves, "Wanted: Super Jay Reeves" Sign
Joe Dawson, Lab Coat
Lauren Faber, Yearbook
Amanda Scherle, Broken Statuette
Cynthia Raxter, Christmas Caroling Gear
Eleni Vlachos, Greek Cigarettes
Gretchen McNeely, Her Scar
Jeb Brinkley, Civil War Reenactment Canteen
Nick Faber, Poetry Notebook
Grace Carnes, Signed Copy of Conan O'Brien's Senior Thesis
Kati Hajjar, Tissues
Brittany Darst, Blessing Bag
Jenn Newsome, Music Stand
Amy Allen, Accidental Accomplice (aka Tote Bag)
Brian Sutorious, Skateboarding Helmet
David Greenslade, His Twin Matthew
Josh Rosenstein, First Tattoo
Rose Werth, Men's Fitness
Travis Proctor, Visor Angel

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