Natural Selection

Photo of Natural Selection

DSI Comedy would like to invite EVERYONE out to the theater for a night of improv bondage (Wait, bonding... Yeah, sorry, bonding.)

Comedic Darwinism! Natural Selection features "One Night Only!" improv teams who perform 15-minute longform montage sets with shortform games intermingled so everyone has plenty of chances to jam all night long. DSI welcomes all improvisers to play. Join the party!

The show is FREE to watch for all performers and for current students with ComedyWorx, Transactors, Raleigh's Village Idiots, CHiPs, False Profits, and The Idiot Box! General Admission is $6.


Thursday 6/11 7PM Buy Tickets Now!

THURSDAY 7/2 7PM Buy Tickets Now!

SIGN UP HERE! and arrive 30 minutes before show time, or sign up at the door an hour before show time.

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Thursday, Jul 02, 2015
7:00 pm