Throw out the guest list: everyone’s invited to the best comedy party in Chapel Hill!

It's a party on stage and you're the guest of honor!

The HOUSE PARTY is a high-energy comedy party on stage. Each interactive show is made of a combination of improvised games, scenes, and sometimes even music that combine to create a fun and hip hour of laughter.

Grab your best friend, your brother, or some guy off the street. There's no guest list here. Everyone's invited to the HOUSE PARTY.

This HOUSE PARTY will feature Dr. Sandwich Party

Every House Party ends with a raucous Lip Sync Battle. Want to get in on the fun? SIGN UP HERE!


THURSDAY 9/18 830PM (Buy Tickets)

Dr. Sandwich Party is a team of high-octane improvisers who are masters in the art of IDENTITY THEFT. They invite audience members on stage for games and interviews and then create hilarious scenes by "stealing" people's characteristics, experiences, and life stories.