Harvey Wallbanger

Photo of Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger: A one-woman show written and performed by Molly Buckley

Welcome to Seamus Famous Bar – A bar where every body knows your name… and your place of birth, first husband, boss’s dog’s name, and what you had for breakfast. Your typical neighborhood bar with regulars (our cast of characters) who never expected the unexpected.

Molly Buckley plays every character, sings every song, and busts every move. This is no normal night at the bar and no normal night at the theater. It’s better. You'll never order a Harvey Wallbanger the same way again, if you ever ordered it in the first place.

Directed by John Reitz and David Greenslade

July 02: Featuring John Reitz and David Greenslade
July 09: Featuring Banana Breakup
July 16: Featuring SENIOR PGA
July 23: Featuring Droege, Bapst & Ward

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