BONECRACKER is a high-octane improv group ready to take your suggestion somewhere it's never been before.

These intrepid explorers will create memorable characters and unthought-of situations, and they will make you weep with glee out of every possible pore in the process.


They've been described as a "paradox" of improv comedy; something "you had to be there" to see. They were also compared to a bowl of ice cream once. Kind of weird, but still a nice compliment.

Science says 4,000 newtons of force are needed to break the strongest bone in the body. They bring 4,001 newtons of comedy to every show just because they can*.

*BONECRACKER is not that good at science things so they make that up, too.

"Watching Bone Cracker tonight, their set reminded me of a paradox that exists in improvisational comedy, particularly with long form improv. You had to be there. Their set was incredible. Their stream-of-consciousness took them places nobody could have seen coming. But when it ended, it was done. It now only lives as a collective memory of the group and everyone in the crowd. We could try and describe it to folks that weren’t there but there’s no way we convey it completely." - Brian Garraty (The 2nd Annual Norfolk Comedy Festival)

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