Tristan Yonce

Tristan Yonce Upcoming Shows
Thursday, May. 28, 2015
8:30 pm


After performing some (granted, unruly) improv comedy in high school via stage and/or morning announcements, Tristan mostly focused on writing and performing music with a few bands over the years. Since starting at DSI in 2012, he has studied under Brandon Holmes, Paula Pazderka, Jonathan Yeomans, and Vinny Valdivia.

Tristan has spent time shaping youth as a substitute teacher (Grades K-12), acting in stage and film roles, and making art pieces for comission, special gifts, when inspiration strikes, or out of just plain boredom. He currently performs with the Harold team, Cannon Factory and in Match Game. Tristan also writes and performs with the sketch comedy group Big Brother & The Thought Police.

Tristan Yonce's teams: BONECRACKER and Lost Colony

Tristan Yonce's shows: Match Game, Harold Night, Spring Loaded and HotSeat