Suzanne Macdonough

Suzanne Macdonough

Suzanne grew up in Panama, Germany, KS, TX, NY (West Point), PA (Hershey), TX again (college degree, with study abroad in Mexico). Taught English for 2 years in rural fishing villages in Japan; traveled to Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Israel, and Turkey; then moved to NC in 1997. Helped move her paternal grandmother from CA to NC. Earned a paralegal certificate from Duke, and is now getting into speechwriting.

In improv, sketch, standup, or storytelling, she has taken either quick workshops or extensive classes from (in chronological order): Steve Lesser & Jennie Stencel, Ross White, Porter Mason, Austin Nava, Dan Sipp, Raleigh's ComedyWorx house team MCPO: MY COUCH PULLS OUT, Jim Woods, Vinny Valdivia, Paula Pazderka, Tom Keller, Zach Ward, Eric Hunicutt, Tamara Federici, Eddie Brill, Rachel Mason, Kevin McDonald, Rich Talarico, Ben Rameaka, Jeff Polish (The Monti) and Kevin Allison (RISK!).

One of her favorite quotes is "Labels are for cans, not people".

Suzanne Macdonough's teams: Macchiavelli's Side Project

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