Sarah Eldred

Sarah Eldred

Sarah Eldred is a resident instructor with the DSI Comedy Theater

Sarah began studying improv with DSI in 2005. While at DSI she has had the opportunity to learn from and play with the likes of Zach Ward, Ryan Locante, Jason Scott Quinn, Ross White and Paula Pazderka. She has also taken classes with the UCB Theater in New York City and work-shopped with Neil Casey, Jet Eveleth, Armando Diaz and Scott Adsit.

Sarah performs with the House SLAM team and is in DSI's touring company, The Thrill. She also performs with her Indy team Group Hug as well as in her two-person show Dooneese. She coaches the Harold team Festival 86.

Sarah Eldred's teams: Group Hug and Standup Corps

Sarah Eldred's shows: Chuckle Bucket