Rose Werth

Rose Werth

Rose Werth is a resident instructor with the DSI Comedy Theater

Rose has been happily making things up on stage at DSI since 2013. She has studied under Jonathan Yeomans, Vinny Valdivia, Paula Pazderka, and Zach Ward. Rose currently performs with DSI’s premier hip hop improv team Versus, The Thrill, Wildcard, the FCC, and produces Ladies Night.

Rose graduated from Washington University in St. Louis (it’s in St. Louis). She holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology with a minor in Public Health. She researches the criminal justice system by day and makes a mean risotto by night.

Rose Werth's teams: Versus and The FCC

Rose Werth's shows: Ladies Night, Versus, Improv Wildcard and The Thrill