PT Scarborough

PT Scarborough

PT Scarborough has been improvising for ten years and has been with DSI since 2003, when it all began at an ice cream shop. PT's improv career began in high school, when he was a part of Chapel Hill High's Improv Company.

PT is a Chapel Hill native who has studied under Ross White, Zach Ward, Porter Mason, Scott Jennings, Jeremy Griffin, Bret Runstead, Chris Conklin and Paula Pazderka. PT has been on retired DSI Harold teams KEVLAR, directed by Ross White, TUB COUSINS, directed by Scott Jennings, THAT CERTAIN FEMALE, directed by Austin Nava and BETTY, directed by Jeremy Griffin and The 708 directed by Andy Lavender.

PT performs with Vinny Valdivia in FANTASTIC BEAST and with Kit FitzSimons in BETAMAX. Also he has his one man show, PT SCARBOROUGH IS A MOVIE. He also directs DSI HIGH.

PT is an avid writer and you can often find him daydreaming at a local coffee shop or at any place that serves vegetarians. If you ever need someone to talk to about time travel or zombies, PT's here to listen.

PT Scarborough's shows: Family Improv and PT Scarborough Is A Movie