Meghan Robbins

Meghan Robbins

Meghan is spunky go getter. She likes to always put herself right in the thick of it, making her a perfect fit for the DSI crew. She is well versed in the ways of the world, having lived in Thailand, and it shows in whatever she does. She once base jumped from a third story building. Before taking the leap, she proclaimed "I think of myself as an innovator." Besides doing comedy, Meghan has a day job leasing apartments. She also reads and can drive. Come down to DSI if you wants some good laughs from this sassy diva.

This biography was written by Meghan's roommate, Joe.

Meghan currently performs with the Harold incubator team, 'gasp'. And she loves every second of it.

Meghan Robbins's teams: gasp

Meghan Robbins's shows: Spring Loaded