Maggie Saunders

Maggie Saunders Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014
7:00 pm

Maggie began improvising in August 2007 and has been taking classes and performing at DSI since September 2011. She studied under Justin Lukasewicz, Katy Jack and Paula Pazderka. She currently performs on Improv Slam, Peaches and Billi, FOUR DAY WEEKEND!, and is a writer and performer with the DSI Sketch Team. Most recently, Maggie performed as an improvisor in Ladies' Night with the DECENT RITAS, a team of all-female improvisers.

She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2011 with an degree in Cultural Anthropology. By day, Maggie is a full time nanny and spends her time playing in sandboxes, jumping on trampolines, perfecting the art of the perfect PB&J and making costumes out of paper mache and glitter glue.

Maggie Saunders's teams: 4 Day Weekend

Maggie Saunders's shows: Improv SLAM and The Thrill