Linda Bowerman

Linda Bowerman

Years of watching comedy on TV, in person and being stuck living here on earth caused Linda to take her first stand up class at DSI in August 2009 with Greg Brainos which led directly to a second stand up stint with John Betz Jr., and even more a year or so later with Tom Keller.

The lure of improv could not be denied, so Linda began classes with the amazing teachers at DSI, including Jeremy McDonald, Kit FitzSimons, Zach Ward, and Paula Pazderka. Linda was also jumped at the chance to study with Will Luera and Dave Buckman, then Corey Brown and Rene Duquesnoy during the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festivals. Since then her world has been improved by workshops with Eric Hunicutt, Jill Bernard, Joe Bill and Paul Thomas.

Linda became a DSI company member in February of 2010 working on DSI Witness News. She is presently a member of the With the Band. During Season 3 of DSI HIGH Linda enjoyed many October Fridays playing Muffy Buffington, the school's resident horse lover.

Originally from Rhode Island, Linda lives right here in Carrboro, and prefers the term Carrburban as it so beautifully incorporates those urban fantasies harbored by many in our tiny town. Linda spent way too long studying Biology, collecting what appear so far to be too many useless degrees, finally finishing with the Ph.D. in Biology from UNC, thus determining her place of residence for years to come.

Linda Bowerman's teams: Dinosaur Time Machine

Linda Bowerman's shows: INDY 5000 and Ladies Night