Kit FitzSimons

Kit FitzSimons

Kit FitzSimons is a resident instructor with the DSI Comedy Theater

Kit FitzSimons has been performing, directing and coaching improv since 1999 and has studied under Zach Ward, Porter Mason, Corey Brown, Ross White, Jonathan Karpinos, Scott Jennings and Jeremy Griffin.

He is Theater Manager for Deep Dish Theater in Chapel Hill, and a motion-capture actor for Epic Games in Cary (Gears of War series, FortNite).

Kit is currently a member of the DSI Touring Company, BONECRACKER, and the Improv SLAM ensemble. He runs the every-improviser-for-himself competition called HUMOR GAMES and cocoaches DSI's Harold Incubator team.

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Kit FitzSimons's teams: Murder Science

Kit FitzSimons's shows: Match Game, The Thrill, Family Improv and Humor Games