Kate Harlow

Kate Harlow

Kate Harlow has always been in love with the stage, since she was a very young girl. She began learning the deceptively simple seeming art of improvisation in 2007 in her home city of Buffalo, NY. Her studies include a term at the famed Second City Toronto, along with workshops with improv greats Jill Bernard, Eric Hunnicutt, Kevin Patrick Robbins, Neil Casey, Chris Gethard, Armando Diaz, and Zach Ward through the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Since her start Kate has performed at several festivals including the Toronto International Improv Festival, Rochester Improv Fringe Festival, the Del Close Marathon, and the NCCAF.

Since relocating to the Triangle in 2011, Kate has had the excellent fortune to learn from, and be coached by, Jeremy McDonald, Katy Jack, John Reitz, Vinny Valdivia, Shane Smith, Rick Skarbez, and Paula Pazderka. She currently performs with Bitter Sweet, Regeneration Nation, and Improv Slam Incubators.

Being in North Carolina has been super amazing thus far, the only thing that could make it better would be to get the rest of Kate's family all in one state, to soak up the southern hospitality.

Looking forward to more laughter, and more adventures with the amazing DSI family!

Kate Harlow's teams: Regeneration Nation and Skibbereen

Kate Harlow's shows: Improv SLAM