Jonathon Waldes

Jonathon Waldes Upcoming Shows
Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014
7:00 pm

Jonny started improvising in 2010. He is super passionate about the philosophy of improv and the magic it can create. He has enjoyed being taught/coached by Dan Sipp, Paula Pazderka, Jenny Spencer, Katy Jack and Rick Scarbez. Jonny is very thankful to every single person he has been privileged to play with because they have taught him so much about how to better improviser and a better person. He currently performs with Deputy Dan.

When not doing improv, Jonny is doing important nuclear stuff, chilling with his wife and world's cutest Pomeranian.

Jonathon Waldes's teams: Ruffle Duffle

Jonathon Waldes's shows: Improv SLAM and Harold Night