Joe Dawson

Joe Dawson

Joe Dawson is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Joe Dawson is a Missouri (not 'Missour-uh') native and a May 2012 graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio. He started improvising years ago at Columbia Entertainment Company's youth theater school in Columbia, Missouri and picked it back up in college as a founding member of Obehave, Oberlin's only short-form improv troupe. Opportunities in college included performing in the 2012 College Improv Tournament; opening for the UBC TourCo; teaching improv classes every week to eager young minds; and improv workshops with Brandon Gardner and Jon Gabrus of UCB New York, Nick Semar of Baby Wants Candy, Octavarius, and Jonathan Pitts.

He started training at DSI in June 2012 under Brandon Holmes, and has since studied improv under Paula Pazderka, Vinny Valdivia, Tom Keller, and Zach Ward. He currently performs improv with MISTER DIPLOMAT, sketch in DSI's sketch revue, and standup all over the Triangle.

Joe Dawson's teams: Mister Diplomat

Joe Dawson's shows: Spring Loaded and Match Game