Jess Bowers

Jess Bowers Upcoming Shows
Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014
7:00 pm


Jess grew up in North Florida where he spent his youth camping (out for tickets) and hunting (for the perfect record store). After working for many years in the digital bowels of the Los Angeles film industry, Jess and his family decided to return to the South in 2008. He spends his days making mobile apps and trying to convince his backyard chickens to lay more eggs. He loves traveling, great music of all kinds, and a good breakfast.

Since starting improv in early 2012, Jess has studied under Justin Lukasewicz, Paula Pazderka, and Brian Barnes. He currently performs with Second String Theory and With the Band.

Jess Bowers's teams: Macho Cheese

Jess Bowers's shows: Harold Night