Jeremy Griffin

Jeremy Griffin is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Jeremy S. Griffin began his improv career in the fall of 2000 with Wilmington, NC's The Other Side Sketch and Improv Comedy Troupe Recently, Jeremy moved to Chicago to train at IO. While there, he helped create the independent group Camarilla and was a founding member of The Playground Theater's ensemble The Senate.

Jeremy has also had the opportunity to participate in various festivals and workshops including the Chicago Improv Festival, the Dirty South Improv Festival 2001-2004, DSI's benefit marathon 24LIVE, and The Del Close Marathon in New York City. He has trained with Mick Napier, Zach Ward, Pat O'Brien, Don Hall, Shira Piven, Eric Hunnicut, Jeff Griggs, Rachel Mason, Joe Bill and TJ Jagodowski. Jeremy was also the Director of The Other Side's classes and workshops and was an instructor in DSI's first annual IMPLOSION college festival. He is thrilled and honored to be back in NC working with DSI in full force.