Jenn Newsome

Jenn Newsome

Jenn has been doing Improv comedy for the past four years. She started in Greenville SC with Alchemy Comedy under Artistic Director Harrison Brookie. When Jenn got the chance to move back to North Carolina she was sad to leave her fellow Alchemist but jumped at the opportunity to join DSI and learn from the likes of Jonathan Yeomans, Paula Pazderka, and Zach Ward (to name just a few).

Aside from Alchemy and DSI Jenn has performed with, The Perch, a sketch comedy troop in Charlotte. She is also on a two woman team with the uber talented Mandy Butler called Sister Scavenge. Jenn is very proud of the all female team FEMMEPROV from Alchemy that won the Comedy Zone Charlotte's Summer Fight Night Improv Competition in 2013. Just recently Jenn and Philip Brice started BCD3 and they are super excited to build their partnership to great heights. Jenn is also a member of SmartCar coached by the wicked hilarious Hillary Nicholas and Laura Ann Morrison.

When not yearning for laughter on stage Jenn works at Red Robin..... Yummm! She is an Assistant General Manager and hopes one day to have her own Restaurant in Durham or Wake county. Jenn's other passion in life is craft beer. So if you see her without one in her hand she must have a tummy ache!

Jenn Newsome's teams: Festival 86

Jenn Newsome's shows: Harold Night