JB Maddox

JB Maddox

JB Maddox is thrilled to be a new member of the DSI comedy family after a taking a short break of 20 years from improv performance. He got his start in Chicago, taking classes at Players' Workshop and the Second City Training Center, studying with Martin DeMaat, Jo Forsberg, Lee Houghton and Don Depollo among others.

Since taking up with DSI, he's studied with Brandon Holmes, Paula Pazderka, and Vinny Valdivia. He currently performs with Papoose and Deputy Dan.

By day, he's a mild-mannered software engineer helping to power "the Cloud."

He studies Life and Love with his wife Jodi, his daughters Sarah, Ali and Rae, his granddaughters Julie, Devin and Angelina, and his dog Izzy (Izzy is also a female).

Hometown: Thomasville, GA