Erik Hoversten

Erik Hoversten Upcoming Shows
Thursday, May. 28, 2015
8:30 pm


Erik started taking classes at DSI in the summer of 2012. He has studied improv under Brandon Holmes, Paula Pazderka, Vinny Valdivia, and Zach Ward. He has also participated in numerous workshops by visiting improvisors. A veteran of the Harold team Macho Cheese, he currently performs Harold with Lost Colony and makes up half of Duodenum. You also never know when he might be seen at DSI feeding his delusions of standup comedy grandeur.

In real life Erik is a professional astrophysicist specializing in galaxy formation and evolution, interstellar dust, and the stellar initial mass function. He does not spend any time worrying about asteroids and meteors. He believes that there is intelligent life out there somewhere but doesn't think that aliens are abducting people in New Mexico for proctological experiments. He thinks whether the cat in the box is dead or alive is a confusing example and he only sweats black holes when he is actively looking for them in the centers of distant galaxies.

Erik Hoversten's teams: Lost Colony

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