Dave Buckman

Dave Buckman is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Dave Buckman learned ten improv games one summer at Comedy Sportz! in Rosslyn, Va. He promptly taught them to his fellow Theatre students at The American University in Washington DC where they “performed” them for free around campus and developed into a troupe touring and performing at several improv festivals in Pittsburgh, Indiana, Chicago and Austin. Since then, Dave has directed, taught and performed at some of the world’s leading improvisational comedy institutions. After several years studying and teaching improv in Chicago, Dave served as Artistic Director of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam for 2 and a half years, culminating in only the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 47 year history. After Europe, Dave worked as a director and teacher at The Second City - Chicago and Cleveland, directing Cleveland’s Main Stage revue, “Who’s yer Baghdadi?”. Since 2005, Dave has been living in Austin, TX with fiancée and Second City Cleveland alum Rachel Madorsky, teaching and performing with their award-winning troupe The Frank Mills. Dave is a member of the Austin Improv Collective. He performs and teaches regularly at the Hideout and ColdTowne Theaters. Dave has been fortunate to work with and direct some of the funniest people working in television and web-based sketch comedy today.

Hometown: Austin, TX