Craig Carter

Craig Carter

Craig Carter's comedy roots started on February 14th, 2008 when he was a student at UNC. He performed stand-up for the first time in the hopes of opening for fellow UNC alum Lewis Black. It was fitting that it took place on Valentine's Day because that's when Craig fell in love with comedy. After moving back to the Triangle, he took his first improv class in 2013 and has been with DSI ever since.

By day, Craig is a writer for the Raleigh branding firm New Kind. Craig has had a passion for writing and storytelling for about as long as he can remember. His mother loves to tell people how even as a toddler, he would share elaborate stories of monsters, princes, and flying squirrels. He doesn't have any of them written down, but he's confident they were incredible.

As far as the future is concerned, he's sure he'll get around to writing that novel someday. He just needs to avoid as many distractions as possible...namely the Internet.

Craig is currently a member of Versus and the DSI Stand-up Corps.

Craig Carter's teams: Standup Corps and Versus

Craig Carter's shows: Versus and Improv Wildcard