Bryan Barnes

Bryan Barnes is the Tech Director of DSI Comedy Theater

Bryan Barnes

Bryan Barnes is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Bryan started his journey down Improvisation Road in early 2007 and has been performing at DSI ever since. He has been fortunate to have studied with Zach Ward, Kit FitzSimons, and Jeremy S. Griffin.

During his time with DSI, Bryan has contributed to a number of past projects including (but not limited to) DSI Witness News, ComedySportz, Don't Spit The Water, Cagematch, and The Dual Duel. Past ensembles include Man vs. Science, Confirmative, Gravel Patch, The Rod Skaggs Family Hour, Robots Are Humans Too, Vestigial Brain, and Senor Bueno.

Currently you can see Bryan performing in the Improv SLAM and with Harold team The 708.

Past and Recurring Characters:
Will Strombie ... The Zombie
Rainbow Brite & Rainbow Dwight
"The T-one million"
Sir Robin of Raleigh
Laffy the Clown
Smokey the Bear
Dr. Acula
Captain Carrboro