Brian Sutorius

Brian Sutorius

Brian Sutorius is a resident instructor with the DSI Comedy Theater

Brian joined DSI in 2012. He has taken classes from Tom Keller, Brandon Holmes, Paula Pazderka, Vinny Valdivia, Zach Ward, and Andrew Aghapour. Outside of DSI, he has attended workshops from Magnet Theater, the Groundlings, and Charna Halpern.

Two truths and a lie: (1) Has three brothers and no sisters (2) Has never broken a bone (3) Has met Bill Clinton

Brian currently performs with Improv Wildcard, Mister Diplomat, and the DSI Touring Company.

Brian Sutorius's teams: Mister Diplomat

Brian Sutorius's shows: MISTER DIPLOMAT, Student Showcase, Improv Wildcard and The Thrill