Brian K Johnson

Brian K Johnson

Brian has been learning and performing Improv since 2008. He has studied at both DSI comedy in Carrboro NC under Zach Ward, Paula Pazderka, Harrison Brooke and John Reitz as well as at Improv Boston in Cambridge MA under Dave Totty, Sasha Goldberg, Dave Sawyer, Dave Marino, Steve Kleinedler, Brian Perry, Dana J Bein, Maria Ciampa, Rachel Klein and Laura Clark. He has taken workshops with world-known improvisors such as Jill Bernard, Armando Diaz, Chris Gethard, Joe Bill and Kevin Allison. He currently performs with Deputy Dan, Regeneration Nation, and Three Dollar Bill.

Besides dropping names, Brian enjoys photography, spending time with his family and partner as well as being a Whovian.

When not at the theater or doing one of the aforementioned activities, Brian is a lab manager in RTP where he gets to play CSI.

Brian K Johnson's teams: Regeneration Nation

Brian K Johnson's shows: Three Dollar Bill