Brandon Holmes

Brandon Holmes

Brandon Holmes is a resident instructor with the DSI Comedy Theater

Brandon was first given a taste of the art of improvisational comedy when he tried out for the then-newly-formed improv troupe at his alma mater, Presbyterian College. He made it! And loved every minute of it! Then, in August of 2010, after having graduated college and moved to Raleigh to figure life out, Brandon signed up for Improv 101 at DSI and has been hooked since. He's studied under Zach Ward, Paula Pazderka, and Jeremy McDonald and currently performs on the Improv SLAM cast and with the Harold team Cannon Factory, as well as the show Three Dollar Bill.

When not improvising at DSI, Brandon is either driving from Durham to DSI to do some improvising, making sandwiches or coffee drinks (for pay), playing with his beloved dog Miso, or having deep and intellectual conversations with his many interesting friends.

Brandon Holmes's teams: Group Hug and Stranger Danger

Brandon Holmes's shows: The Thrill, Stranger Danger, Improv Wildcard, Family Improv, The Jam and Student Showcase