Alyssa Buckley

Alyssa Buckley

Alyssa Buckley is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Alyssa has been performing and teaching for DSI Comedy Theater since June 2008. She started improvising in 2005 with Mock Turtle Soup at Clemson University and has toured with Red Letters.

Alyssa has studied the art of improvisation and comedy with Zach Ward, Jeff Griggs, TJ Jagodowski, Anthony LeBlanc, Mark Sutton, Joe Bill, Asaf Ronen, and Anthony King. A featured instructor for the Black Box Improv Festival and guest director for Mock Turtle Soup, Alyssa also teaches youth programs for DSI at Carolina Friends School and The ArtsCenter.

She currently performs with DSI HIGH, the ComedySportz Mainstage Ensemble and Honkey Kong (2008 Dual Duel Champions).

Hometown: Winter Springs, FL