Alex James

Alex James Upcoming Shows
Thursday, May. 28, 2015
8:30 pm


Bound to get smart as quickly and cheaply as possible, Alex James is studying at Durham Tech Community College. Alex has been improvising for four years, getting into CHHS Improv Co. as a freshman in 2007. It wasn't until summer of 2010 when Alex got serious and started taking classes at DSI, learning under Zach Ward, Paula Pazderka and Harrison Brookie, as well as all his fellow classmates and friends. He finds it super-keen when he is performing with his IMPROV SLAM buddies and his house Harold team, BRASH!

In his spare time, Alex saves the world by defeating countless Heartless (you're welcome). Alex's dream is to become an Ace Detective and/or find a national treasure like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure. He also hopes to get his Associate Degree ASAP, and become one of them Carolina Gentlemen.

Alex James's teams: Lost Colony

Alex James's shows: Harold Night, Family Improv and Humor Games