Albert Nerenberg

Albert Nerenberg

Albert Nerenberg is a guest instructor at the DSI Comedy Theater

Albert Nerenberg is a Canadian independent filmmaker, actor, journalist, and laughologist. His films include Stupidity (2003), Escape to Canada (2005), Let's All Hate Toronto (2007), and Laughology (2009). Both Stupidity and Laughology are the first feature length documentaries to discuss the topics of stupidity and laughter.

Nerenberg studied English Drama at McGill University in Montreal, where he formed Theatre Shmeatre, an improvisational theatrical company.

Formerly a newspaper reporter with the Montreal Gazette and talk radio host, Nerenberg told the Montreal newspaper, La Presse, that he became a filmmaker after he smuggled a video camera through army lines during the 1990 Oka Crisis – a standoff between armed Mohawk Warriors and the Canadian military. The footage was later turned into his first documentary, entitled Okanada.

Hometown: Montreal, ON