2007 Best of the Triangle

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27 local answers...

Best coffee shop Open Eye Cafe
Best outdoor dining Milltown
Best wings Tyler's Taproom
Best business lunch Panzanella
Best pizza Amante
Best Chinese Red Lotus
Best Mexican Carrburritos
Best dessert Elaine's Chocolate Cake
Best live theater DSI COMEDY THEATER
Best neighborhood bar OCSC
Best place to shoot pool Speakeasy
Best rock 'n' roll venue Cat's Cradle
Best place to Wi-Fi Downtown Carrboro
Best art gallery Wootini
Best hotel Best Western University Inn
Best men's clothing Julian's
Best hair salon Sid's
Best local place to buy wedding gift Nested
Best loca hardware store Fitch Lumber
Best place to workout Carolina Fitness
Best retail cheese selection Weaver Street Market
Best retail wine selection Glass Halfull
Best bike shop Clean Machine
Best garden store 5th Element
Best tattoo studio Glenn's Tattoos
Best comic book store Chapel Hill Comics
Best real estate agent Community Realty
Best radio station WCHL 1360

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