Senior PGA on Friday


Senior PGA hits the stage at DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro one last time, Friday 4/11 830pm

"Senior PGA sustained a packed house with continuous, unexhausted laughter... delivering successful joke after successful joke."

Zach Ward and Jeremy McDonald (Carolina Alums) improvised together in late 90's and after a decade of separation (one hit Chicago and the other hit the Beach) they are reconnected on stage and it's a hit. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

BRING YOUR iPod (or make sure your iPhone's unlocked). We randomly grab an mp3 player from the crowd, click the most recently played tracks and let the audience randomly select a song. After a minute or two, we improvise a series of scenes all connected to each other and inspired by the music.

Now Jeremy and Zach BOTH have kids and need an outlet for the stuff they can't say at home. GET READY!

Buy tickets online now for the BEST SHOW EVER!