Charna Halpern practices Diplomacy

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Charna Halpern

DSI Comedy Theater features the owner of Chicago's IO Theater presenting monologues and personal anecdotes for the longform improv of DSI's acclaimed House Team Mister Diplomat as they slap a Dirty South spin on the Armando.

Charna has been teaching people how to improvise for more than 20 years. Her world-famous IO Theaters, located in Chicago and Los Angeles, are meccas for training in the art of improvisation, specifically Harold. They act as a breeding ground for television shows like "Saturday Night Live," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "MADtv," regularly supplying New York and Hollywood with writers and performers.

Who knows what you might learn about the modern movement of improvisation, the brilliant mind of Del Close, or the whirlwind world of All-Star comedy?!

Where, When, How Much:
DSI Comedy Theater @ Carr Mill Mall
(Entrance on dock behind Elmo's Diner)
200 N. Greensboro St., Suite B-11 Carrboro, NC 27510
BOX OFFICE: 919-338-8150

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