Sketch Comedy May-hem!


It’s time for a Mid-May Sketch CageMatch Update:

Sketch CageMatch has been rocking the DSI Comedy stage for two weeks with unparalleled sketch competition, and our two-time Champion is On Golden Buns - the dynamic duo of Joe Dawson and Liz Sanders!

Here they are in 'Cat Food: Special Edition':

Comedy Fans in Carrboro have already seen record-breaking jumps, babies, Drew Barrymore, and adorable lion hunters, but don’t worry: you still have time to see all the comedy action!

On Golden Buns returns with new material (in addition to their best sketches) this Saturday, May 18. They’re defending their CageMatch title against challenger Spielzeit (Linda Bowerman, Rebecca Collins, Tom Honeycutt, Scott Morand, and Virginia Wallace), and your vote is crucial.

Each sketch team will perform 22 minutes of comedy, and it will be up to YOU to decide who returns on May 25 for the Sketch CageMatch Finals against Harriet the Spy, a one-woman show featuring Kara Phelps.

The competition has been fierce, and the votes have been close; make sure your favorite team wins every Saturday in May at Sketch CageMatch!

9PM Saturday May 18th
On Golden Buns vs Spielzeit

9PM Saturday May 25th
The Champion vs Harriet the Spy