Sounds like a Battle!


It’s been rocking stages in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boston...

And now... DSI brings BEATBOX home to Carrboro! Your suggestion turns into high-energy hip-hop improv, from the opening freestyle to the closing rap jam, and a world of fast-paced scenes in between. The grand premiere is 9PM this Saturday, April 27, and you do not want to miss it!

North Carolina director and Human Beatbox, Vinny Valdivia, has been a fan of the show since he first saw it in 2009, when Chicago played the NC Comedy Arts Festival. “The combination of hip-hop and comedy blows the audience away,” he says. “Being funny and in the moment is a task in itself. Being funny and freestyle rapping takes improv to a whole new level.”

Even better, right after THE BEATBOX kicks it during DSI's Best Show Ever, DSI offers comedians and community members a chance to drop freestyle skills in a no-holds-barred Rap Battle! Who will be crowned top rapsmith? You decide, Saturday at 9PM, only at DSI Comedy Theater.

And while we’re talking hip-hop and improv, let us highly recommend the entire Second Season of Epic Rap Battles of History — featuring EpicLloyd and Nice Peter, both former cast members of BEATBOX in Chicago.

Our favorite was Edison Versus Tesla: