CFCOMIC First Round Results


The FIRST ROUND of three standup comedy heats wrapped on Friday and our audiences voted for 18 comics who will advance and compete in the SECOND ROUND of the 6th ANNUAL CAROLINA'S FUNNIEST COMIC.

Comics will now have 7 minutes but ONLY 4 comics from each SECOND ROUND heat (Friday 3/15 and 3/22) will move on to the SEMI-FINAL ROUND on March 29th. Get tickets now and make plans to laugh and cast your vote!

SECOND ROUND: FRIDAY MARCH 15th 730PM (Buy tickets now.)
Leo Hodson
Aaron Cobb
Kevin Kinner
John Prioli
Deborah Aronin
Matt See
Tracy Cate
Aaliyah Ford
Jenny Chailikian

SECOND ROUND: FRIDAY MARCH 22th 730PM (Buy tickets now.)
Anthony Crawford
Wesley King
Adam Cohen
Matt White
Brian Burns
Greg Brainos
Brittney Spruill
Gretchen McNeely
Spencer Bland

GRAND PRIZE for First Place $1000
Second Place $300, Third Place $150, Fourth $50

2008 Carolina's Funniest Comic - John Loftin
2009 Carolina's Funniest Comic - John Betz Jr
2010 Carolina's Funniest Comic - Tom Keller
2011 Carolina's Funniest Comic - Brad Schnurr
2012 Carolina's Funniest Comic - Crazy Boris
2013 Carolina's Funniest Comic - YOU DECIDE!

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* Results are 100% based on audience vote.

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