Home for the Holidays


This December will bring Home for Holidays back to Carrboro and the DSI Comedy stage, with a mixture of high energy comedy games coupled and an exploration of your dysfunctional family in the second half.

Do you want talk about your crazy Uncle Rico? Or how your cousin Miles likes to show off his whittled gnome collection? Or even how your Aunt Lydia always "has the vapors"? Familiar with Whose Line? You may recognize some of the games and you'll definitely be surprised by new games with a holiday twist, topped off with some DSI flavor.

Home for the Holidays is a high energy, interactive show all about your holiday experiences. During the second half our performers will portray an audience member's entire family on stage during the holidays in their most vulnerable state... TOGETHER... when nothing else in town is open.

Join the DSI family on Fridays in December for HUGE laughs (and maybe meaningful memories). FRIDAYS 9PM: BUY TICKETS ONLINE