Harold Night Returns!


DSI Harold Night Teams recently exploded and reformed!


Cannonball Factory: Kit FitzSimons, Jonathan Yeomans, Katy Jack, Brandon Holmes, PT Scarborough, Tom Keller, Sid Ray, Directed by Paula Pazderka

Escape Plan: Ashley Melzer, Shane Smith, Sarah Eldred, Rick Skarbez, Vinny Valdivia, Directed by Andy Lavender

A format pioneered by the late Del Close, Harold is performed regularly at DSI and by theaters all over the world. Comedians like Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan and Amy Poehler all used skills they learned performing Harold to create successful careers writing and performing comedy on SNL, Conan, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec and projects on Comedy Central, including The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Each DSI Harold is an adrenaline rush of comedy. GET READY! These Harold Teams are ready to launch a run of Harold that will MAKE YOUR DAY!

FRIDAY JULY 13 @ 9PM: Buy tickets now.
FRIDAY JULY 20 @ 9PM: Buy tickets now.
FRIDAY JULY 27 @ 9PM: Buy tickets now.

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NOTE: Harold Night has not been endorsed by Clint Eastwood. Only because we didn't ask. Harold needs no official endorsement. Only yours.