Join Matt Besser (Founder, UCB Theatre) THIS MONDAY May 14 for a UCB Improv Master Class, 230PM to 5PM at the DSI Comedy Theater! Then head out to Raleigh to watch a screening of FREAK DANCE at The Rialto Theater.



A combination lecture and master class in which Matt Besser leads improvisers of any experience and skill-range through scenes in order demonstrate misunderstood strategies in performing long-form improv. The class will cover every facet of a successful scene. From openings and initiation to patterns and game, the lecture examines how each of these can work or fail. Not everyone will get on stage, but many audience members will be asked to demonstrate different skills and techniques.

Matt Besser is founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and the UCB Theatre in New York and LA. With the UCB Matt has performed and written stage productions including Virtual Reality, Conference on the Future of Happiness, Thunderball, Bucket of Truth, Big Dirty Hands, Punch Your Friend in the Face, The Real Real World, and Saigon Suicide Squad (WINNER, Best Sketch at 1996 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen). Besser has directed stage productions including Feature Feature, Immortal Combat, Sidecarrin (1998 USCAF), and Todd Barry in Icky (2001 USCAF). Besser's one-man shows include: How Much I Lied, May I Help You Dumbass?, Don't Be A Dick, and RUhi?. His most recent one-man show Woo Pig Sooie! concerns his battles with God. A celebrated improviser Matt Besser was a member of Chicago's The Family and is forever a member of A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T., the longest running and greatest improv show in the history of the world.

Do not miss this opportunity to study with Besser in North Carolina!

Thanks for supporting your local comedy!