Zach Ward leaves for Boston

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Photo Flashback: Comedy Theater buildout in 2005.

DSI was a personal dream, but it quickly became a community and a space that every company performer, student and audience member helped to realize. And now we keep moving forward.

On Monday June 13th Zach Ward leaves Carrboro for his new job as Managing Director of ImprovBoston in Massachusetts. The comedian and entrepreneur who moved BACK to North Carolina from Chicago to create a real home and a community for comedy has been recruited by BOSTON!

For more details you should READ THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Rest assured, DSI Comedy Fans will enjoy the same quality comedy classes and weekly performances on stage that audiences have come to expect from the theater. As Executive Producer, Zach Ward will continue to make strategic decisions and mentor staff, but the theater production and comedy school will be under new management effective next week.


But we are now starting the 10 day countdown and that means a very limited number of comedy shows left for Zach at the theater AND YOU SHOULD MAKE IT TO AT LEAST ONE SHOW TO CELEBRATE AND SAY GOODBYE!


Friday 6/3 8PM COMMUNITY JAM! (come play with Zach)
Friday 6/3 1030PM MISTER DIPLOMAT featuring Colette Heiser

Saturday 6/4 730PM IMPROV SLAM Red Captain (Family-friendly comedy)

Friday 6/10 8PM SENIOR PGA (Zach and JMAC hijack the whole show)
Friday 6/10 1030PM MISTER DIPLOMAT Last show with ZW

Come for the COMMUNITY JAM and stay for CageMatch and DIPLOMAT!

Check out Zach's new gig here,

Keep up with Zach on Facebook here,

From Zach: "There is a world-famous comedy theater open for business on a loading dock, behind a diner and near some sketchy railroad tracks, in a small town where you would least expect it. Let’s work hard to keep it that way. For a lot of people, myself included, that place has become a second home."

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