MUPPETEER Josh Cohen offers Puppet Improv

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Learn professional puppetry with HENSON-trained master puppeteer and veteran long form improviser Josh Cohen. Puppetry is a freeing and amazing new way to approach improv. Improv puppetry has been sweeping the nation. The Josh and Tamra Show is one of the leaders in the growing field of improv puppetry. Students will expand and deepen their skills as improvisers while they learn to free the mind/body by using puppetry.

• Learn the basics of hand and rod “Muppet style” puppetry
• Proper hand placement – advanced rod and human hand work
• Vocal characterization
• Puppet character development – Make it real, Make it funny!
• Advanced on-camera reversed monitor puppetry
• Puppet building techniques
• Performance – improv and scripted


Each class costs $60, But take BOTH for $90 and SAVE $15 per class.

It is the same class both days, but wouldn't it be AWESOME to get intensive experience working with your puppet in front of a World-class Muppeteer? Our guess was YES! So you get a deal. Register for BOTH workshops, confirm payment ONLINE for one and you can pay the difference at the theater.

Friday December 10th 3pm - 7pm, Register HERE

Saturday December 11th 11am - 3pm, Register HERE

Our Special TWO NIGHT ONLY December 2010 run of The Josh & Tamra Show features Henson Muppeteer Josh Cohen with guest improviser Zach Ward. The Josh and Tamra Show begins with a one-word suggestion to create a feature length theatrical improv comedy show.


TICKETS $10 / $8 for students

Thursday DECEMBER 9th 930pm & Friday DECEMBER 10th 930pm

Next Week! Make plans now.

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