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Saturday 9:30, DSI presents Parallelogramophonograph (Austin, TX)

'Some Like It Improvised' combines the comedy of mistaken identities, culture clashes, and mismatched couples into a fun night of improvised theater. Fast-talking female reporters, out-of-touch aristocracy, independent heiresses, and percolating romance in close quarters form the backbone of these screwball plots. Pgraph captures all of the charm and nostalgia of the 1930s and '40s romantic comedies and presents hilarious improvised plays that are as heart-warming as FDRs fireside chats! So scrounge up a couple five-spots, give your favorite dame a ring, and make tracks for 'Some Like It Improvised'!

And the show's not over 'til we SAY it's over! After Parallelogramophonograph (so fun to type), it's the second CAGEMATCH SUMMER SLAMTACULAR! Champions take on PT SCARBOROUGH IS A MOVIE! PT makes up every sound, note and word for a movie he's never seen before!

FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009
.............Featuring: Improv 101 (Gunn), Standup 101 (Brainos)
930PM MISTER DIPLOMAT (check the blog)
.............Featuring: PUNK ROCK HR, Laurie Ruettiman
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730PM IMPROV SLAM ($10/$8)
......DJ NINJA - Kit FitzSimons
......Red Captain - Zach Ward
......Red Team - Jonathan Yeomans, Robert Bapst
......Guest Black Captain - Mike Maher (http://wootini.com/)
......Black Team - Zannie Gunn, Bryan Barnes
930PM CAGEMATCH ($10/$8)
......Featuring: Parallelogramophonograph 'SOME LIKE IT IMPROVISED!'
......& CageMatch Summer Slamtacular (4DDI vs PT Scarborough Is A Movie)
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