SHORT Festival Intermission!

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I woke up early this morning to bring a couple of the Standup comics to RDU when I was confronted with the AWESOME realization it wasn't over yet. In fact, starting Wednesday 400 MORE comedians are replacing the 40 that just went home. OMG! OMG is right. No time to relax for anyone at DSI. We have a show to put on!

Over 20 MORE shows actually.

Improv Week starts Wednesday FEB 18.

"In this time of economic contraction and disappearing jobs, there's at least one sector that's experiencing impressive growth, possibly in response to all the bad news: homegrown comedy festivals."

Buy $7 advance tickets for Opening Night.


8:00PM NCCAF Improv Featuring:
Mano A Mary, Carrboro NC / Los Angeles CA
Port City Players (PCP), Wilmington NC
Fritter Kings, Chicago IL
Snake & Bunny, New York NY

10:00PM NCCAF Improv Featuring:
4DDI, Carrboro NC
Natural Selection (various)

I am pumped for this week, especially after the incredible public response and turnout for the standup performances. We had to turn away at least a hundred people (FIRECODE) for shows on Friday and Saturday. So get your tickets in advance for shows.

Let us know how we can help!

Zach Ward


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